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METRO — The quick and easy way to travel around the city, as well as the best value. The Paris metro has around 300 stations, their entrances marked by a big yellow “M”, and 16 lines, numbered from 1 to 14, 3 bis and 7 bis. Each line has a color, which you’ll find on […]


Aquarium de Paris

Aquarium de Paris (5 av. Albert de Mun, Champs-Élysées, Paris)(Metro: Trocedéro) – located within Trocadéro gardens, this aquarium has a large collection of exotic fish (over 10,000) from various underwater regions of the world that has a French presence – from the French Caribbean islands and French Guiana, to French Polynesia (including Tahiti), Reunion/Mayotte (Indian […]


Arènes de Lutèce

Arènes de Lutèce (47 rue Monge, Latin Quarter, Paris)(Metro: Pl. Monge, Cardinal Lemoine) – this amphitheater is one of the few artifacts from the Roman era. Rediscovered in 1869, what remains is part of the stage and tiered seating. These days, the area is either used by student soccer players or by retirees playing boules.


404 Restaurant

404 Restaurant (69 rue des Gravilliers, Paris) (Metro: Arts et Métiers) – located adjacent to “Andy Wahloo” bar, this restaurant showcases North African cuisine, complete with the Moroccan décor. Patron can order chicken, preserved lemon & olive tangine, lamb skewer couscous, and sweet pastry of dates for dessert.


Arc de Triomphe

  Arc de Triomphe (Pl. Charles de Gaulle, Champs Élysées, Paris)(Metro: Étoile) – this 164-foot monument was built by Napoleon to commemorate his military victories. On the Arc’s sides are sculptures by François Rude, such as The Departure of the Volunteers in 1792 (a.k.a. La Marseillaise), to the right of the arch when viewed from […]


Au Printemps

Au Printemps (64 bd. Haussmann, Opéra/Grands Boulevards, Paris)(Metro: Havre Caumartin, Opéra) – this department store, in business since 1865, is reminiscent of Saks 5th Avenue and Macy’s in New York. It is housed within three buildings and divided accordingly: 1.) Printemps Mode: this is the main store for women’s fashion and accessories, and has hundreds […]